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Expert solicitors specialising in legal arrangements for children

Parenting doesn’t stop when you divorce or separate — it becomes more challenging.

Getting the arrangements for children right when you separate can play a big part in the whole family being able to adjust to a new and unfamiliar environment. We are a small firm of solicitors, able to devote the necessary time and personal attention to understanding what you want for your children and helping you achieve it.

Parental Rights Solicitors Serving Sutton Coldfield & Lichfield

At Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors we search for agreements that are clearly structured but are flexible enough to meet the realities of everyday child care.

Child care arrangements reached by agreement lay the best foundations for a solid future. We work constructively with you and your spouse to try to resolve all contact and residence issues.

This is sometimes difficult during divorce because of the overwhelming emotions that both sides experience. We acknowledge this but work hard to make sure that the process of unravelling your relationship doesn’t stop you being able to cooperate on the big decisions relating to your children.

Involving The Court

Our extensive experience in child dispute cases means we instinctively know when to involve the courts. We understand the devastating long-term psychological harm that can be caused to parents and children who are denied access to each other for prolonged periods.

If your spouse or partner is being unreasonable, or if you are being denied access to your children, you can depend on us to act urgently so that your relationship with your child is protected. The applications we make include:

  • Contact — To decide when you can see your child and where
  • Residence — Deciding where the child lives
  • Prohibited steps — Usually urgent, for example when there is a threat to remove the child from the country

Grandparents’ Rights

When grandparents lose contact with grandchildren because of divorce or separation, both they and the children suffer. Although the law does not formally recognise the rights of grandparents, at Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors we have a track record of successfully seeking permission from the court to apply for contact and pursuing the contact application independently of parents.

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