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“It was such a relief talking to Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors about my case – I felt that I could be totally open with them and they would understand and sympathise with my situation as a gay man.”

As a gay solicitor, partner Lee Trubshaw understands not only the legal issues you face when a civil partnership breaks down, but also how your lifestyle might be affected following a dissolution.

Sutton Coldfield & Lichfield: Gay Divorce Solicitor

Civil partners are not immune from relationship difficulties. While the grounds on which a civil partnership can end differ from divorce (officially called “dissolution” of civil partnerships) gay couples have the same remedies as divorcing couples. At Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors we advise on:

Every civil partnership dissolution case is different, and when you instruct us, we explain all your options clearly and give you an early indication of what you can expect in a settlement. We assemble all financial details, including savings and mortgages, and set out a clear strategy at the beginning so that you know exactly what you are working towards.

Considering A Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement? Expert Legal Advice For Gay Men And Lesbians.

The legal, financial and emotional impact of the breakdown of a civil partnership can be considerable. Expert individual legal advice before you enter a civil partnership can make the trauma of a breakdown easier to deal with. If there are big differences between what you and your partner earn, for example, a pre-civil partnership agreement setting out what you would want to happen if the partnership breaks down can take this into account when finalising a dissolution.

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Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors in Lichfield serves clients in Sutton Coldfield and the West Midlands. We are one of very few local firms that offer a full range of legal services tailored to the very specific needs of gay and lesbian clients. Our expertise means we often act for people throughout the U.K. who know that their specific needs will be expertly looked after. To find out how our Lichfield civil partnership dissolution lawyers can help, contact Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors us online or by phone on 01543 253000.