Cohabitation And Prenuptial Agreements In Lichfield

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More and more people choose not to get married, and many people getting married do so later in life when they may already own a house or other property. Increasingly couples opt for an agreement about how finances should be organised if the relationship ends. At Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors, we offer expert advice tailored to your own unique circumstances.

Cohabitation Agreements

It may be surprising, but as far as the law is concerned, there is no such thing as a “common law husband or wife.” This means if you live together and your relationship ends, you could be left with nothing. At the same time, if you contribute a lot more financially to property and other assets, you might find that these are split equally when you separate.

The legal rules about cohabitation are always changing. At Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors, a high proportion of our clients are gay and straight couples who choose not to marry or enter civil partnerships. We have a responsibility to keep on top of the law in this area, and to provide meaningful, practical advice. Cohabitation agreements can formally set out what should happen in the event of your relationship ending. They include provisions in relation to:

  • Property — If you purchase property together, it is crucial to set out the proportions in which it is owned to avoid losing the value of any contribution you have made.
  • Maintenance — You don’t have maintenance rights if you are unmarried, so you may wish to make provision for support in the future, including child support.
  • Wills — Unmarried couples do not automatically share in each other’s estates, so a will that reflects your wishes is recommended.

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If you are getting married and you own assets that you would like to hold on to if the marriage fails, it makes sense to think about a prenuptial agreement. It might not be the most romantic of gestures, but these agreements are increasingly used so that property owned individually before marriage can be retained.

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