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Britain has the highest divorce rate in Europe — 42 per cent of marriages in the U.K. now end in this way. When you are faced with the breakup of your own marriage, however, it may still feel like you are the only one going through the emotional stress and anxiety that the situation brings.

At Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors in Lichfield, we understand that your circumstances are unique. The service offered by our divorce solicitors is different because it focuses on you. Our support does not just extend to dealing with the legal issues — many recently separated people find themselves having to cope with unfamiliar responsibilities like paying bills and other everyday matters. We go out of our way to help you face up to the practicalities of your position.

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We know that when you come to see us you will have many questions about the process. At our first meeting, we will discuss issues like:

  • The divorce procedure itself
  • Quick divorce
  • How courts calculate financial settlements
  • Your rights over the family home
  • Residence and contact with children
  • Maintenance for you and your children

By forming an overall picture of your situation, we can give you a sensible and realistic indication of what you can expect in an eventual settlement, giving you a clear goal to work towards.

Reaching Agreement

We will always try to reach a comprehensive agreement with your partner on all areas of dispute. However, Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan have sufficient experience in family law to know that when the other side is being unreasonable, negotiation is futile. We will not let matters drift in a way that adds to your uncertainty and anxiety. If it is clear that an agreement cannot be reached, we will push hard for an early court hearing.


We ensure that you understand from the beginning how you will be charged for our advice and what the overall cost will be. We understand that finance is a concern, and we offer a range of payment options, including periodic billing throughout the time we are representing you.

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To find out how our Lichfield divorce lawyers can help you deal with the divorce process, contact Bradin Trubshaw & Kirwan Solicitors online or by phoning us in Lichfield on 01543 253000.