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We have acted for many Landlords who require a cost effective legal solution to problems they are experiencing with their Tenants.

Landlords usually require us to obtain possession of their property, either due to the tenant being in arrears or they wish to bring their tenancy to an end.

Evicting someone from a property can be regarded by the Courts as a draconian step, therefore, unless the correct procedures have been followed the Court will refuse an application for possession.

If a tenant is in arrears, every month that goes by before the property is given back to the landlord costs money that many of us cannot afford to loose. We are aware that we need to act quickly to protect your interest and can ensure that the correct notices are given to your tenant and that this is quickly followed by an application to the Court for possession.

If you wish to bring an assured shorthold tenancy agreement to an end then there are a number of matters that have to be dealt with before the Court will grant possession. For example, 2 months notice has to be given to bring the tenancy to an end but if the dates given on the notice are not correct, then any subsequent proceedings based on that notice will fail. If any deposit received from the tenant has not be correctly dealt with then the proceedings will also fail.

By ensuring that all the procedural matters are dealt with correctly then a possession order can often be obtained quickly without the need for attending a Court hearing, this can result in your legal costs being kept to a minimum.

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