Probate & Powers Of Attorney

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We recognize that losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult time and we therefore hope to take some of the pressures off you and offer help and guidance. If a will has been left then a grant of probate is needed to put the wishes in the will into effect and then distribute the estate.

If someone has died without a will then we need to obtain a grant of letters of administration which will allow the estate to be distributed in accordance with intestacy rules. We can advise you as to who will receive the estate and in certain circumstances how a claim can be made against the estate if the intestacy rules leave someone without adequate provision.

Obtaining either grant involves making an application to the Court, a set procedure has to be followed and if it is not done exactly right then the application will be rejected. Our experienced probate team will ensure that this is all taken care of for you.

Administering the estate usually includes completion of forms for the Inland Revenue which can be complicated and again this is something that our team can deal with for you.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney is a legal document created by you that specifies the people that you want to manage your affairs should you become physically or mentally incapable. If you do not make one whilst you are capable of doing so, then matters can later be taken out of your hands and decisions that need to be made for you can take a long time to be resolved. Without a lasting power of attorney an application has to be made to the Court of Protection to deal with your affairs and this is a slow process and an expensive one.

We can prepare and register your lasting power of attorney for a fixed fee, contact us for further details.

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